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An Unchained Prophecy

I enjoy challenging as well as quite adventurous roles, though I'd love the workplace to be quiet it doesn't really matter to me, I'm lookin


Series of beats, strung along,

viewing through the top, a song

plays, and excites the intellect

to jump above the shell,

'hella allured' is the vocable he yells,

with a time scale of fermi,

he goes down the doom

As low as his self-esteem's groom

a flash liberates, of destructive aura,

ignites the others with nothing but enmity

quietly passes, his supreme one,

where his eyes met in a romantic sauna,

"Democracy" held his hands drenched in blood,

for something he did something way too harsh,

with a negative charge held to the woke

the space shook, with no strings in the marsh,


an insignificant entity with a second of life,

destroyed the woke with the edge of the knife,

because of the anti* truth he was, shattered all his might,

he begged to his supreme one,

''it’s fine kiddo'' he replied ''law is slower than justice but faster than light'

© 2022 Arthur Linen

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