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The Mystifying Journey~ Using Sir John's method

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


" Life is mystifying journey in a

Misunderstood perception."

I thank you so much to Sir John Hansen for sharing his method with us. Absolutely one of my favorite poet! Though this article isn't a poem but anyway let's bring it on (wink)

Life - can be attaching your purpose in life into a goal,

which will not serve you a long term happiness,

not even if you've achieved it,

and in that very moment you'll miss on all

the life happenings around you,

You'll miss the main purpose of

Your life, of witnessing the world in its great

Wonderful scenarios.

It is a mystifying journey- yet, you take your daily

Life at the mercy of other people, at the mercy

Of your past, at the mercy of circumstances.

Then you painted the world on a canvas

In a misunderstood- life, living the present in

The prison of the past, stuck in an overwhelmed

Miserable emotions, then we end up being a

Problem maker instead of becoming a problem


Our emotions is hardwired into a negative mindset

And is controlled by our limited beliefs, earthly circumstances

And the people's public opinion and judgements, that as if,

if we don't please them they will execute us to misery

And sufferings.

Only letting go of the past will set you free

From the pain of before, leave all the extra useless baggage

Behind; the cruel, the painful, the unjust, et cetera


Perception-- you hold that keeps you pulling from living

The present, Get out of it.

Command yourself what to do next, the one that will absolutely

Serve you good, if you're writing your life story don't play as a victim

Of an earthly circumstances, don't let those people in the past

And on the present win in your own life story.

It's yours, so wrote it in a good and triumphant one.

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