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The Mysteries Of Life

Poeticnurse is a Student Nurse studying for her BSc at the university of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

The Mysteries of Life

Stay far from those who claim to
understand the mysteries of life,
How the lilies live and glow in the fields,
patiently waiting for the touch of a hummingbird,
How a man and a woman falls inlove
with an unbroken bond
when hands are knitted together,
How a child survives the fluid in his
mother's womb for nine months
but can't when drowned in a sea for a few minute,
How the cattles find nourishment and satisfaction in grasses,
how the birds skirr round the earth day and night
with no thoughts of what to eat,
no shelter, no closet, yet are fed.
For they take the fun out of life
and make you wear a tired look like a grandma's hair.

© 2019 Poeticnurse