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The Music You Believe

Passionate storyteller striving to create meaningful connections. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

The tune in your heart,
the one your soul knows
in dark times, in light,
with sunshine or rain
of feelings, emotions
colored in hues
of sunsets and sea
shining or dulled
by tired steps
that tread roads
with no comforting hugs,
embraces that bring home
close again.

The cracks in your view
are not made by mountains
when music is gone
you feel lost, forlorn,
you wonder what purpose
you have to achieve,
you ponder the meaning
each note held for ears
now hard to perceive
when only whispers come to you
from breezes, the sand
entwined with the past
and looking for one place
to rest
devouring thoughts.

Look for your song,
don’t give up the notes
that move spirit to life
beyond today or tomorrow
to peaks of achievement
where hearts can stay close
to cherished devotion,
learning to love
and be loved
safe in a lace
of woven emotions
that give shelter to souls
in need of one fragrance
to tell they can stay,
now they are home.

Rainbow in steps,
colors on leaves,
flowering thoughts
and all the good that is you,
not meant to stay hidden
ready for light,
new tomorrows
when you can be heard,
sing with another heart
one that inspires and frees
boundaries, limits
that made you step back
doubting what you are meant
to become.

You are yourself now
with all yesterdays in your soul
if you failed, if you won,
you learned how to know
kindred hearts in the dusk
friends in the morning
voices that share your song, ours
for now
and the times
that come
to make kindness
Give and be given
no limit to love
gratitude is a rose
reflecting each color,
in seeds of belonging
and trust.

© 2021 Amy Christie