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Dealing With A Sociopath, Poetry

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Poems and Rhymes to help raise awareness of dangerous personality disorders (Narcissists & Sociopaths), and to encourage healing.

Dealing With A Sociopath


Queen- Dedicated to My Pet

Dealing With A Sociopath

Guillotine pets keep Sociopaths away; therefore, they might be of use to victims who are magnets for these dark, predatory personalities.
 Of course, keeping a guillotine as a pet also poses special risks to their owners. They need to be restrained, and often times, caged.

Dealing With A Sociopath

I have an exotic pet!

It is a guillotine

that I enjoy taking

on scenic, country walks;

No need for anyone

to worry their pretty head;

I normally keep it

subdued with locks!

Dealing With A Sociopath

Instead of saying “Woof! Woof!”, “Meow, Meow”, or “Tweet, Tweet”, my exotic pet guillotine shouts, “Slam! Slam! Slam!” During these times, I try not to get too close to its mouth.

Sometimes, it gets

terribly hungry,

and this is when I feed it

a fresh fish head;

But, no matter how much

it desperately pleads with me,

I never let it sleep

with me in bed!

Dealing With A Sociopath

Locked Door

Locked Door

My guillotine has no tail to wag,

so when it gets excited,

it smashes its sharp blade,

up and down;

It can be so loud, at times,

that I often think it just might

awaken this entire

sleepy town!

Dealing With A Sociopath

Despite the companionship that a pet guillotine might offer, their origins of being wild animals need always be remembered and respected.

So, you might

very well wonder

why I have a pet guillotine,

instead of a dog or cat?

Well, I find that it provides great protection,

from Sociopaths,

who use Mind-Games as their normal,

everyday chit-chat!


Dealing With A Sociopath

I really don’t have an exotic pet guillotine,

nor do I behead those who come to my door

with their superficial chat.

But, on the other hand,

if the intruder happens to be a Sociopath...

well, I won’t go into that.

Dealing With A Sociopath


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