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The Most Unexpected Secret

Teodora is a bilingual writer. She is the author of two books, a poetry volume and a collection of short stories.


She's breathless

He’s helpless

She’s livid

He’s timid

She’s snapping

He’s tapping

She falters

He palters

She stops with a sigh

He stares at the sky

She’s eager to hear

He swallows his fear

She looks straight at him

The light’s rather dim

The room’s getting smaller

The ceiling is taller

He opens his mouth

But words don’t come out

He loses his nerve.

“What good does this serve?

The hiding, the lying,

The sneaking, the spying...

All this for a ticket!”

“Ok, what’s your SECRET?”

She says quite annoyed

Expecting a feud.

“Ta-da! Here’s your prize!”

“Is this a surprise?”

“Yes, honey, it is.

Alicia Keys.

It’s starting at eight.

Hurry up, you’ll be late!”


Secrets – what an alluring poetry prompt Brenda has chosen for Week 31. At first, I was tempted to write something about a dark secret, such as the skeleton (literally) in one’s closet. Instead, I opted for a poem with a humorous twist. Maybe I will also try a gloomy one.

I used very short sentences to suggest the tension felt by the two characters (lovers or spouses, you choose) and to mark the suspense which anticipates the revealing of the secret.

Writing poetry that rhymes (in English!) is still a challenge for me. Here’s my little secret: I use the online rhyme dictionary. I also do that when I write poems in Romanian sometimes. This dictionary is quite useful, especially for a non-native English speaker.

© 2021 Teodora Gheorghe

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