The Most Precious Secret: A Poem

Updated on July 15, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

From moment to moment directed mood

brings about a power highest of them all

and it would all be very easily understood

if we didn't make it so much easier to stall.

What I am talking about is a really big secret

bigger than any that we could possibly know

it's based on that much familiar ripple effect

one tiny circle pushing many others to grow.

But we cut it short letting bad ones spread

forgetting that continuity is making it work

with one after another wave of joy instead

and a winning smile, not a conceited smirk.

Thus it wouldn't be such a secret at all

if we didn't make it so damn hard to do

slaving to crappy feelings we just crawl

instead of marching into something new.

It's losing from our focus what to want

making us drift over wastelands of fear

with each unfavorable breeze we daunt

promptly shifting spirit's into a lower gear.

That's what makes this secret so elusive

like pie in the sky unattainable and strange

and we are bound to keep the crap intrusive

all until we see the secret within spirit's range.


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      5 weeks ago from Canada

      jwmurph---We pick up mental habits just like we pick up physical ones. We become what we have practiced. If we practice staying in touch with what we want, instead of constantly escaping from what we don't want---with worries, and with revisiting bad memories---then that's what we get as a habit.

      And every habit gets formed by repetition. The poem is saying exactly that---from moment to moment insisting on feeling good. We do it by remembering good things, by observing what around us we can be grateful for, and by optimistic expectations.

      Then, as the habit is forming, we increasingly get spontaneous good moods, which affect our health, and our performance in life. It's called "living consciously".

      As long as we see ourselves helpless and on receiving end, having no say about how we feel, our mind is bound to play dirty tricks on us, and then we are confused with that lack of understanding that you are mentioning.

      In other words, we can't understand our emotions if we just let them come out of nowhere as they please. We are not our emotions, they are our mind's constructs, and so--whatever mind creates, mind can also change.

    • jwmurph profile image


      5 weeks ago from Tennessee

      lt is difficult to even understand our own emotions and conduct caused by them at times. Much of the time to understand our own conduct.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      5 weeks ago from Canada

      jwmurph---Yes, there are actually many folks who advanced themselves with self-discipline to stay above anything negative that would try to impose itself in their mind.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      5 weeks ago from Canada

      Louise---Thank you, I am glad you liked this one as well.

    • jwmurph profile image


      5 weeks ago from Tennessee

      What you say seems to me to be true for many people. Then there are people like Anne Frank who will not surrender to the tyranny that you describe until and unless they are actually killed, optimistic until then.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      5 weeks ago from Norfolk, England

      That's another lovely poem. I always enjoy reading your poetry.


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