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The Most Common Words Repeated Often

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I Don't Know

Yes, we hear it every day

From everyone we know


Because it is the easy way out

Nobody pushes you if you say I don't know

People just except your answer

They don't question you

For me it is the lazy way

You can think of a real reason

You can put a little effort into it

You can think and come up with an honest answer

Maybe it is an answer you don't want to here

The truth comes out

You are faced with a decision

Then you might be asked another question


Then you have to think again

I always wonder why people say what they say

I think some people have lost the art of good conversation

One person talking to another

The cell phones have changed all that

People can text and leave a message

They can talk to a person in any manner they feel fit

Before it meant something to talk face to face

Now it is a whole new world

Where anything goes

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