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The Morning Breeze Takes Me Away

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To A Different Place And Time

I forget all the bad

I feel refreshed and inspired

Looking into the morning clouds

I see a world of possibility

Where after a heavy rain

All the bad is washed away

Life continues to titillate us in so many ways

We can not separate it

It is the driving force behind our life

Without procreation

We would cease to exist

It is in our biological well being

To be aroused by other people

Stimulated and excited in ways we did not know possible

I find that in a beautiful marriage

We can break down each day

Live it any way we see fit

Deciding to do good

Then there are also those people with bad intentions

I like to think of them as bugs in the garden

They just won't leave us alone

If we pretend they are not there

Sometimes they won't come

Sooner or later they will bother us to know end

It leaves us very little choice

We can spray against them

We don't won't too

If we let them be

They will take over

That is not a good idea

Not for me or anyone

So bugs be gone

I have found a bug attractant

To keep all the bugs in one area

I have tried using a zapper

It works

Unfortunately we get the good bugs sometimes

That is painful

That is the best we can do

Until we think of another way

I go on with my morning

I lead on with my best foot forward

Remembering there is more good in life than bad

Set the good free

You will be surprised

How happy it will make not only you

But everyone else you know

© 2022 DREAM ON

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