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The Morning Alarm.

I am a writer of poems short stories and short articles on the feeling of nature.


The Morning Alarmer

Destroying the darkness

of the night.

The bright rays

Of the morning sun

Fallen to the earth.

Pure oxygen flows

Around the nature

During this time.

Birds chirp,

And wake up nature.

Colorful birds are flying,

From one tree to another,

And dance and sing melodies.

Like a morning alarmer.

That makes me dance too.

Hiding behind leaves,

Falling on tree branches.

And wake us up

By singing melodies.

Like a morning alarmer.

I look through the leaves

But I can't find them.

Only the melodious song flows

Like the waves of a river.

They are alarmed by nature.

© 2022 Debashis Baruah

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