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The More You Are Right

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Then Just The Next Day

The more you are wrong

It should be a song

When you think you know something or somebody

The thoughts that you dream

Make you happy

Another day comes and throws you a surprise

You get flustered with disbelief

This can't be happening

Sure enough it does

So when you rethink your next thought

Hesitant as you may be

You have to think it anyway

It drives you forward

It's an honest living

We can't all be right all the time

Then it would be nice

To be right more than we are wrong

There comes special moments

That are way beyond our control

They make us cringe

Shake in our boots

Luckily they don't define us

We are so much greater

Over the longer run

So don't give up the ship

Hold on to that battered sail

We have hit many storms that have rocked us to the core

The sunshine peaks

The wind has stopped

Not sure what will be in store

All I know

Today is so much brighter than yesterday

Last week was pretty awful

Two weeks before that was even worse

Life is not predictable

It is to be lived

Then we can bang our heads against the wall

Until it is understood

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