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The Moon Hung in the Night Sky Is Luminous

I holds B A Hons. degree in History/computer. Writing is a way for me to relax and release energy. I express my feelings in songs or poetry.

The Moon



The moon is one of the mysterious planets in the solar system. But it is a star. As such, it gives out light at night. It is said that the sun charges the moon to emit light rays.

Why the Moon Becomes Dark

An experiment is yet been demonstrated that the moon is luminous on its own accord. The only plausible theory is that while it got charged with the rays of the sun, it also discharged its energy to the point of no return. In such a case, it reverts to its status quo ante, a dark, non-luminous object.

The Over-Head Sun


The Poem: The Luminous Moon

The moon

Symbolism personality.

Female personality

Femme fetal.

New moon

Full Crescent

First quarter

Waxing gibbous,

Full moon

Waning gibbous

Last quarter, and


She appears as a little virgin.

A new moon

In the blue sky.

Feeling cold.

With the Sun’s ray, she charges herself.

Now, warm.

Oh, what a beautiful crescent moon!

Seducing the Sun still

Oh, waxing gibbous.

The Sun provides the seminal fuel,

The nutrients for waxing gibbous

Then, she attains fullness.

Bright and luminous!

Drunken with the sun's energy.

No, it’s madness, its pride!

Asserting her dominion

Over the smallest twinkle, twinkle stars.

She is proud.

Over the sea,

She is proud, like a peacock!

Asserting pride over

The rivers, and lakes

The night and the earth.

She is proud.

The sea and rivers begin to flow,

overflowing their bank,

And bringing calamities to waterfront dwellers.

The roads are a flood

The moon is mad!

The rivers flood,

And the fishes hibernate.

The fisherman rests or worries.

Because he has not enough fish food.

The moon is a mad personality,

Femme fetal!

The Moon is non-luminous


The moon is beautiful. Though it causes some havoc seasonally, by disturbing the river and marine life.


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© 2019 Miebakagh Fiberesima

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