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The Monster

I'm a medical student who loves to write. And most of the times it's just anything and everything that pops out of my head. Enjoy!


The Monster

"S Ahlawat"

Days flow by one at a time.

Life moves on, mirth out of wine.

As fragile as thread, it wound about my mind.

Ravelsome enigma, the turns are blind.

The choices you make,

The chances you take,

Take you on to one more,

Labyrinth 'tis fine.

Under the lonesome moon

And haunted spaces between stars.

Here lies my existence

Marred with scars.

Each a formidable pain

To all whom I love.

Reflecting this for true,

The Monster within me lurked.

He smiled out wide with gory teeth

Annihilated he had everything indeed.

All that once was mine,

Lay crashed under time.

Cidering mine eyes,

Ran salt and brine.

What's to be done was so out of my hold.

As stood here I, the monster,

A heart dying, neglected and so old.


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© 2018 S Ahlawat

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