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The Monsoon of Emotions


Drops of tears
fall down from
They don't know
why they fall down
Because of pain
or joy
Because they are
colourless and transparent
in every situation
The reason behind
them doesn't make
any difference to their
They fall down
When dreams are broken
The spectrums of the broken dreams
are hidden in tears
They fall down
When wishes are fulfilled
The rainbows of satisfaction
are filled in tears
Eyes express
what heart feels
When heart is unable
to hold the heavy weight
clouds of emotions
It rains through eyes
It depends on the type
of clouds
When clouds are
happy and colorful
Eyes will have
the rain of happiness
And when clouds are
dark and gloomy
Eyes will have
the rain of pain
It all depends upon
the monsoon of emotions,
running in our hearts.

© 2020 thoughtsprocess

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