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The Money Trail

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Everyone's Story

Here it is 2020

The time is now

New Years Eve

Another bank robbery

Nothing new or is it?

Money starts showing up in the strangest places

In the hands of many people

The police are on the hunt

Each episode gives another description of the robbery

Each episode also gives a story of people who receive money

What are they thinking?

What will they do?

Are these honest good people down on their luck?

Then again is it the luckiest day of their life

Their feelings and emotions

What leads do the police have?

What is at stake?

More questions than answers

A billion dollars used for right or all the wrong reasons

Time will tell

Sometimes familiar people return

Are they the bank robbers?

Would you be one?

There is never a perfect anything in this world

How about a foiled robbery that goes good

Who got the money?

Why are they doing good?

A modern-day Robin Hood

Yesterdays Fool

A poet who tells the story

In such an odd way

Is there a connection

Is there a story within a story

When was the beginning or are we at the end

The average man lives to be 72 to a woman 75 years

Globally worldwide

So as each day unfolds

The older we get

One day we will not be here

So how does more money appear?

What would you do if you suddenly got 10,000 in the mail?

In a cat litter bag

Would you invest it wisely?

Save it for a rainy day?

Spend some save some?

Give half away as the note requests

If you found a hundred thousand at the beach

What amount of money would make you happy?

Is there enough money in the world?

If you do what the note says

There is still plenty more where that came from

What goes around comes around

Is it dirty money?

Can good come from bad?

Only time will tell

Thanks for reading

May all your dreams come true

In reality

Maybe in your mind

Is just good enough

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