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The Misunderstood (A Poem)


The Misunderstood

What applies to most Doesn't always apply to me I'm not like everyone else I'm simply just me I don't meet the social norm I don't do what others do I march to the beat of my own drum And, probably always will I don't really belong I don't really fit in I've always kept to myself I've always been the shy/quiet kid

People don't really get it They usually think I'm mean Or, they think I'm stuck up Neither, is an accurate depiction of me I'm use to peoples assumptions Because, I'm different from them People often rush to judgement When they don't understand

I spend a lot of time with my guard up I'm always ready to defend It's hard constantly explaining myself I wish people would take me as I am I know I have dragons to slay I know what I have to do It's hard to believe in yourself When others underestimate you

The world has expectations for us Of who they think we should be I've never fit that mold I do things my own way Life isn't the same for everyone I know that's true for me Just because it's not Doesn't mean I don't try everyday

I don't go with the world's time table Of what they have set in place There's things I should have accomplished by now I've always went at a slower pace I'm not perfect person I'll never claim to be I just want to be a better version of myself I just want to chase my dreams

No matter how people doubt me Or, what they choose to believe I'll always be my original self I'll always be weird me

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