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The Mistress Has Left the Building

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

No longer deemed to be master of my domain

Queen who has abdicated her throne

Not by her own design in the slightest

She was pushed and browbeaten into submission

By critics who second guessed her every move

Doubted her every choice to the point

Where she questioned everything and everyone

Life turned into a modern day Bette Davis movie

Except this was real life and Bette's nightmare ended

When the credits started to roll by in a flash

A shell of their formerly glamorous self

Once considered top of the heap in society

The crème de la crème of the gossip rags

Now, basically the gum scraped off the shoe

Of some sleazy tabloid reporter after they

Took another topless photo of the next big thing

Sunning themselves at a nude beach

Treated like second hand purchased Vinyl

Only meant to be ogled like a piece of meat

Let's rephrase that: a bottom feeder cut of fish

One of low quality meant to be used and abused

For the feeding pleasure of some philistines

Pretending to have a clue about culinary cuisine

When did I become the low priority in my life?

I know that I demonstrate a certain level of independence

Part of it was just a cleverly designed costume

To make people think I'm above the things I'm really not

Everyone wants to be loved and treated with respect

Not entirely blameless in the matter

I allowed this to happen by becoming a devotee

That waited for the slightest sign of recognition

Likely will never come; but it won't stop the wild imagination

From pretending that the master knew I was alive

Sick and tired of burying my feelings for fear of starting trouble

Causing an imaginary or a real fight

Time to focus on making myself whole

And not gaining the approval of others who'll never give it

I've washed my hands with them, I'm done.

Who will win a seat on the throne?

Who will win a seat on the throne?

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