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The Missing Window - Oildale, CA

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Fin lives in California's Central Valley and is interested in social issues and creative writing.


The Missing Window

When the man on the bicycle

approaches me

I think of a polite response

No not today


I don't carry cash

or pretend to be hard of hearing

or have difficulty with the English language.

Have you seen my car he says

and I wonder if he means a toy

a cart he was pulling with recyclables

and he tells me about

the Ford with the broken window.

I've called the police he says and

they put out

he struggles for the letters and i say

a p b

and he says yes but thats it

and that someone took it

and his green Ford Impalla

with the back window tore out

he starts to say and this was all

the beginning and then huffs and shovles

off into the alley

his hands were dirty and fresh scar

rode up the index finger on his left hand.

he had been in the same clothes for more than a day

and looked terribly tired.

I was ashamed of my moment of almost panic

and though to keep a look out

for Fords with missing windows and told him so.

i thought for a minute

if it was his house as well

and how he became to be relieved of his shelter

and wondered about the other actions

which happened after the start of his day

and sat back in my car

thankful for my windows

my clothes and the roads I could

navigate down through

the cold

and the rain.

© 2019 Finn