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The Misfit: Love In The Shadows

The Mascot is a passionate writer, an entrepreneur and a deep nature observer


The Fall

From the shadows did I behold a damsel
bright as the mystery moon,
lively as the magical stars,

A beautiful piece of Gods art,
alluring to all that takes a glimpse.

A step for a heart, a heart in each step,
did she in her gentle stride sweep hearts along.

Pitiful mine, never was spared from this ploy.
like the great walls of old Jericho,
a rumble, a tumble, then it crumbled.

I who hardly can utter a word,
oh me, my shy self,
helplessly have I fallen from this shadows, with my eyes yet open,
into a bloody scheme, into a plot,
into this malady we call love.

Oh, my world,
if I talk about this plight of mine,
will she ever get to hear?
if I get to dance to the tune of this heart beat of mine,
will she ever get to see?
I'm only but behind the shadows!!!