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The Mirage of Love

Hi, I love to compose poems, articles & love to be engaged with my creative minds. Audience support and encouragement gives me motivation.

An Illusion of Love

I was just a girl of nineteen,

when you hold my hand with keen.

You promised me will not let me go

whatever may be the cause,

you will not flow with the flow.

You closed my eyes and,

asked me to dream.

My trembling heartbeat

always wanted you to feel.

My black and white life

was coloured with your sprinkle of love.

You were my diamond,

and I wanted to be your heart.

A day turned up

when I came to realize

you were priceless for me,

but I was your price.

I broke down into tears,

with all my dreams shattered into pieces.

You were my reason to live.

But that day, I felt so helpless.

Time passes, the wound heals.

Forgetting you today, is not a big deal.

My strength, my weakness all encircled you once.

You were there with me,

but our distance was just like

the Earth and the Sun.

You taught me a lesson

that build in me the courage.

I was so fool that I didn't recognize,

You were not real,

but just a mirage!

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