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The Miracle of Your Love Like the Red Roses That Grow up in the Flower Base


You give me the gift,

The bunch of red roses

Each petal so beautiful and fresh

It’s like of your love that you offered.

I accept it in my whole life

Together with your love

Without any doubt and no reservations

I accept it with inspirations.

The red roses that you gave

I put it in my flower base

On my table, where I usually set,

So that I can see it all time in my workplace


It’s a miracle!

The red rose that you gave

It lives in my flower base, the roots are penetrated,

In the small amount of water in it.

Every day has been grow up

Like your love would show it up

Every day you give me an inspirations

That your love is pure.

You are by my side in times of my ups and down

You are my sunshine in my storm

You give me security

In your life, I am your priority.


The sweetness of your kisses I felt

The softness touch of your fingers,

That arose my feelings,

That is the miracle of love that we have shared.

We build the happy family

Thru the magic and the miracle of love

In past many years you have still the same

We have now fruitful and we have our children

The red roses that you give

I can compare it with your love for me

For the longest time that grow up in the flower base

It bears the beautiful flowers.

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