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The Mighty Clouds - Response to Word Challenge

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


Brenda Arledge gives us a word challenge every week for evoking our responses to it in a creative way. We try to respond to it through poetry or stories in our own subtle ways. This poem is an effort of creating a response against the word 'Clouds' given by her in her last word challenge.
Cloud formation had always charmed the people and evoked their sentiments since the time immortal and many poets and writers had described the beauty and magnificence of these floating and hovering clouds in the sky over our heads. They are so unique and widespread that they compel us to take note of them and their manifestation in the sky.
Scientifically speaking, the Sun rays evaporate the water from the oceans which moves up in the atmosphere and forms clouds. These clouds then move as per the direction of the wind to other faraway places on the globe and then start precipitating in a favourable geographical location. So nature provides water to the landmasses on the Earth through this water cycle from oceans to clouds and then to land and back to the oceans. These mysterious vicious natural cycles sustain the life and vegetation on mother Earth. So clouds are very important for human survival on the planet Earth. We must respect them from this point of view.
A change from a sunny day to a cloudy day brings a lot of change in the moods of people and their behaviour is also affected accordingly. Some of the people feel good and rejoice in the formation of clouds in the sky while some others feel sad and even depressed with the darkness created by them. Clouds are the same but it is the perception of the person who is observing them with a particular mindset.
In this composition, I have also tried to write an acrostic poem and also a haiku on clouds depicting my understanding of them.

The mighty clouds

Clouds buildup after the scorching heat,
To provide water to us and cool us down.
The perennial source of life on earth,
They are coloured in white, black, and brown.

Clouds floating in the sky,
Like the cotton flakes abound.
When they accumulate and become dense,
Then they also make a thundering sound.

Clouds invoke soft emotions in us,
They bring pure motivations in us.
Clouds are a source of continuous joy,
They are actually nature's frequent toy.

The water oozing out of the clouds,
Is the pure heavenly nectar.
Which is for the human lives,
A most useful and important factor.

Sometimes clouds bring fear and despair,
Punishing humanity for its blunders.
Then they become a bit offending,
Bringing hurricanes here and there.

Remember, every cloud has a silver lining,
Though it could bring temporary sadness and grief.
But the respite will be soon available,
In the form of the next Sunshine brief.

Clouds - An Acrostic poem

Covering the sky above,
Lasting for days.
On the anvil they are,
Under the heavenly ways.
Doing their work persistently,
Sometimes they pass a few Sun rays.

Clouds - A haiku

Clouds are majestic,
They are the crowns under the sky,
Alas, they dissolve on earth.


© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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