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The Messenger Of Hope

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I love to write poems and I enjoy everything that's poetic because poetry is always soothing and perfect for the soul.

The Messenger of Hope

The Messenger of Hope

And one day an old lady whispered to me
That the evening mist was disappearing into the night
That the tears from the sky were nests of clouds
That the treetops were discussing with the angels

That the ladybug always forgot the kiss
That the children were messengers of hope...
Me, little girl, I replied aloud That my hope was in her words

That when I grow up, I will write her a story
That the fire of her voice warmed my sorrows
That I will always go to the woods to rekindle the flame
And that I will give water to its pretty flowers.

Even today, I water the orchid and the rosebush
But sitting at the bottom of her tomb
My eighty years, allowing me to know
That old ladies are messengers of hope.

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