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The Memories of Yesterday - Sequel of Just How It Is.

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

Written: May 24, 2021

You were there.
Standing across the pedestrian lane.
Opposite to where I was,
When our eyes met.

It was a windy and chilly afternoon.
Cherry blossoms were falling from the trees.
Piling up the streets with its spring feels.
You waved but when I was about to,
The light turned green,
People were rushing to cross the street.

My eyes were searching for you,
But to my dismay, you were already out of sight.
You waved to me with a smile as if you were glad.
But your eyes then tells something different.
Somehow tells me a bitter story is yet to be told.

It has been a while.
A long long while,
Since the very last time you smiled at me.
I guess a lot has changed since then.

I might also be wrong assuming it was me you were waving at.
Our eyes met but maybe you were looking at someone else.
Right past behind me.
Maybe I was just daydreaming, that you were there.
When you really aren’t.

Just like the old days.
You’d always meet me at the other end of the road.
You’d always make sure to meet me halfway.
But I guess everything will just remain as memories.

Gone were the days,
We’d talk all night about anything under the moon.
From how our day went, our dreams to achieve,
Cracking jokes that only the both of us understand,
Sharing our favorite songs so we could listen together,
Even if we’re apart.

‘till we both fall asleep smiling,
thinking it has been another great night with one another.
We’d always find ways to make each other smile, laugh hard if possible.
But everything eventually went wrong.

From those nights were we can talk almost about anything endlessly,
We started talking less each day.
You have lost interest to talk about things we were so fond of then.
You started to act so cold and selfish.
You’d only listen to what you have to say, and leave me hanging after.

Not having any chance to say my thoughts or feedback to what you are saying.

You started acting like you don’t want anymore to talk about the topics I like.
Your dreams have changed from including me in your future goals to you all alone.
You never listened to my gestures anymore.
You stopped making efforts to make me happy.
You stopped caring about my feelings or even dare to ask if there’s something wrong.

Those nights that were usually filled with laughter and love is in the air kinda vibe,
Turned into nights of raising voices to one another, arguing endlessly,
Nights you chose to hurt me with your words and make me cry over and over again.
Until all you could say is hello and how are you.
Then you’ll rush to leave and end the conversation.
No Goodbyes but little by little you chose to leave and run away.

Leaving me with tons of questions why did it have to happen that way?
Like did I ever do something wrong to make you change as to what you are now?
Or were you hiding a more hurtful truth and decided to filter it by hurting me this way?
You were the type who always avoid confrontations.

Every questions I asked or tried to ask atleast, you’d always ignore it.
Either by changing the topic, or by not replying to me at all.
You were never true to your words and would rather lie multiple times than face the truth.
Even so, after everything, I still have a quench to hear the whole truth.
If not the whole truth, I’m still hoping we could bump again to each other.

Have a fresh start like how random strangers can acquaint each other and be friends.
Maybe not today, but sometime in the future when we have forgotten everything.
When we have fully recovered to what has happen and have forgave one another.
Hopefully, I could meet a new you.

Someone matured enough and has gone way better.

Another morning has come,

It was raining and the weather was so gloomy.
I walked down the street to grab a coffee at the cafeteria nearby.

While I was ordering, someone merely caught my peripheral view.
Someone I once knew.
But the view was kinda blurred, I just saw a familiar face and figure.
Once I received my coffee, I rushed to search around the area.
Walked out of the cafeteria, and scan the area in high hope of finding him.

The man I used to yearn and long for.
The man I used to love.
The man in my memories whom I still sometimes miss a lot.
The man who used to lend his shoulder to lean on.
The man who used to listen to all my worries and frustrations.
The man who knows how to make me smile when I’m crying.
The man who knows almost all of my favorites and comfort foods.

While searching the area with my eyes looking around,
I suddenly had a glimpse of his direction to where he was going.
Though it was raining, I run as fast as I could whilst holding tightly to my cup.
Doesn’t matter anymore if I get soaked in the rain.
I just want to see and talk to him again even if just this time around.
I continue to run recklessly trying to catch up in hopes I’d reach him.

Maybe I have spilled and dropped the coffee by this time as I still continue to run fast.

I was growing tired and was grasping for air already when I realized…
I was in the middle of the road where I’m not anymore familiar.
I still looked around to see if he was still nearby.


I found myself sitting helplessly on the ground.
Crying in dismay and was having a hard time breathing.
A shadow of a man came to me, lending a handkerchief.
I tried reaching it but it seemed so high and impossible to reach.

Until his shadow vanished into pixie dusts along with the memories we had.

I opened my eyes feeling heavy, there were tearing up.
I got out of my bed and washed up.
It was a long dream that seemed so real.


© 2021 Gianella Labrador

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