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An Image of Darkness
has come to light..
An image of sadness
has covered thy eyes.
The truth has been shut from humanity
I can see grief all the way to eternity.
I can do all things because you strengthens me?
But my hope ran away and destruction follows me.

I need you more than anyone in this world.
For thou art my greatest strength in this life made swirled..
By A fallen Angel who dishonored you, With pride he descended and pretended he was you.
I was left on the street slowly dying and lying on the ground
With a word you healed all wounds inside my heart without a bound.
Who am I that you are mindful of me?
Love me first before I was born and made a plan for me.

I long to see you again the day you soon as you promised.
Speak thy words of life like it's aptest.
This age is near to see you in the time when it's the ripest.
Words of prophecy foretold has come true.
Your rival has set a mark made in a sprue
No one can buy or sell unless they deny You.
Wake me up before you come, For no one knows..When is the time.
On that day people will fear, people will hear that many had disappeared..
Screaming and Fighting and Biting will rule.
But the beast who gave the power to the man will interfere.
Who has an ear let me hear..
Who will be the harlot
who will be the seer?

Set your time for the days are evil
Gave me hope again so I can be able..
To know what's right or what is wrong...
Soon your trumpet will sound and we'll hear it strong.

I Never wanted to end burning in sulfur. You made a house for me and heaven is my future.

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