The Media Story

Updated on May 2, 2018

The Media Story..

Everything was great,
then it started to fall apart
Like the global warming
being contributed to fart
Everyone played their part
and deception was the name of the art
Obfuscation, exaggeration,
concocted theories and white lies
manufactured the public opinion
like an amateur' dart hitting a bullseye

Mainstream news,
transformed into propagandist views
Instilling hatred and fear
and creating the ideological divide
While carefully conniving with both the sides.
Often overdone and sometimes under
public rage and all the blunder
Professionalism and ethics,
became yesterday's talk
As headless chicken and sheep,
we were just perceived, as livestock

The game soon got dirtier,
things became murkier
News being planted and stories being paid
Hefty bribes and honey traps too laid
The news now is constantly breaking
whether or not anything is broken
Hearing the same crap every day,
the viewer is hope-hopen
or maybe deceived
with a thought-process not so open
Happens to the best of us
when a lie is repeatedly told
It eventually transcends,
into a truth untold
Facts or no facts
whose got the time to bother anyway
swing or sway, the chitter-chatter
days pass and it doesn't really matter
Bygones are now bygones
and collective amnesia has taken over.

Cutting the long story short,
that's how corporations function
There' no high moral ground to fake
and this is no expert opinion,
just a layman's take
Then again,
the entire media is evil
that isn't real neither
The whole system is flawed,
that ain't the deal either
Media pays the price too
that one shouldn't be oblivious to
Some are silenced
for disturbing the status quo
Other' get their share
for taking the dare
As a ticker at the bottom,
their legacy quickly fades
Nonetheless 24/7 365,
the fight rages on
Whether chasing truth,
or crunching the numbers

But what if media wasn't overly active?
Who would've unearthed the filth in the system?
They caught politicians and even exposed the priests
That's a fact that we should appreciate at least.
Of course, critique shall carry on,
as that's the ideal way
And needless to call out,
but it goes both ways
Eventually, at the end of the day,
all business function this way
Nothing much to whine,
they're all making hay while the sun shines!!

Questions & Answers

    © 2018 Ashutosh Joshi



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      • AshutoshJoshi06 profile imageAUTHOR

        Ashutosh Joshi 

        10 months ago from New Delhi, India

        Thank you :)

        You are absolutely right about where we were back then, to where we are now in terms of ethics and code of conduct. And this is not applicable to media alone. Besides they deliver what public wants, sugarcoated or spiced. Here in my country, it's specially curry-flavoured!!

      • MizBejabbers profile image

        Doris James-MizBejabbers 

        10 months ago from Beautiful South

        Ashutosh, Very good poetic analysis of today's media dilemma. I especially liked your line "But what if media wasn't over active? Who would have unearthed the filth in the system?" I received my media-journalism training back when there was honor among reporters. They went by a code. Quite frankly, back then a more honest media unearthed plenty of scandals among politicians (remember Watergate), big business, and other unscrupulous members of society. Justice was done in most cases. Nixon resigned, you know. There were no 24-hour cable news stations who fight to fill time, nor social media to call to defend one's self-imposed honor by tweeting.


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