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The Mechanics of a Faulty Machine

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


The mechanics of a faulty machine

can hinder proper operating flow

will cause the gears to slip and move too slow

an error causes regression to mean.

A fear the machinery will just stop

and moments will stand still when the gears seize

this stop in motion will no longer please,

into dusty corners a broken top.

Some days we need a trusty mechanic,

a labor of patience to make things run,

the mechanics of a faulty machine.

This cell, though proven to be galvanic,

erodes these precious parts one by one

to find itself no longer in routine.

Elemental design of line curving

to use the proper equation to curve

into the unknown where the shapes unnerve

a time when thoughts of mine were unswerving,

So time seems to cause wear upon these parts

these pieces prepared to fit within the whole

with time each turn carries a hefty toll

to give illusion of many false starts.

So time has come to embrace the tangent

to see the complexity of the bend

when used to form a circle or a sphere.

Even though wear and tear is not absent

the smallest scratch does not mean its the end

but the beginning of the end I fear.

The hum created by the frequency

remains after I leave the room silent

a sound that always seems to be vibrant

within the soundless void of vacancy.

These machine noises we will hear each day,

our lives, from birth until our hearing stops

when sounds will reach the gulf of ear then drop

into the background never far away.

Our lives are run by these machines, their hums

within our minds with every choice we make

their gears are the gears of passing time.

Whether living on the hill or in the slums

when things go faulty it is hard to fake

ability to hold a rope and climb.

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