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The Maze From The Nightmare

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Menger Fractal Design Cube Geometric Pattern

Menger Fractal Design Cube Geometric Pattern

The sensitivity of a child.
When does a person grow past this sensitivity and mature?
Does it get covered up with chaos?
Do we bury it so deep we can’t find it or choose not to find it?

Is this how we lose our way, why we feel lost?
We run and run and run until we’re buried as under?
We run until our mind spawns nightmares.
We dream we’re in a maze and there’s no escape.

On the horizon of exhaustion, we stay awake because we’re overwhelmed.
We find it horrifying, overwhelmed being lost. Lost in the past but already having moved on past the present into the future. Do you feel guilty from the overwhelming pressure of being buried?

Why can’t we find our way home?
Where is home anyway?
On another dimension?
In another universe?

I saw the moon once and wondered if it was real.
I could see it plain as day, but it was night time.
Why do I fight against myself?
Why do I take the path with the most resistance, continually traversing this overwhelming maze that never ends? When does the pattern of this nightmare straighten out along a singular path?

Will I have enough energy to finish my quest?
I have plenty of drive. I have plenty of push.
I have lots of love and encouragement. I will persevere.
I know I will.

As the passing clouds in the sky above pay no attention to my plight I am reminded that I shouldn’t worry about tomorrow. I will allow my inner child free reign to out grow the resistance she despises. She will learn to grow out of the restraints placed on her so long ago. Time to break loose from all resistance and fly free!

© 2021 Laurie S Novak

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