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The Mask Is My Face.

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.

The man behind the mask

Is invisible to the world around

Nobody really knows what they see

Preludes to smiles wishes abound

Not a problem for you, only me

He spins stories of happiness

Creates a Web of unobtrusive surprise

No one can see his life's in a mess

An unreadable mask covered in lies.

A facade of indifference covers the gaze

Nobody can see behind the vaneer

Smoke and mirrors creates the haze

Is the man behind the mask really here

Talking about problems is really not hip

Everyone else has their own

So you stand quietly with a stiff upper lip

Waiting patiently by an anonymous phone

Who do you give your number too

Is there anyone who's really there

I mean really what are you supposed to do

When you have your hand out and nobody seems to care.

Tears don't wash away the pain no more

Like leaves they tumble and disappear

When your soul is absorbed by the dust on the floor

And nobody remembered you were here.

How deep is space, a vacuum of unfathomable barely unperceived limitless contemplation.

The "blackness" only punctuated by a tapestry of starlight.

Black holes swirling, sucking in galaxies, red stars flickering their dying embers as supernovas explode.

Space is expanding, the cosmos growing, our minds unable to conceive the enormity of its dimensions yet we all stare upwards expectantly hoping to understand its complexities.

Yet we understand each other less.

The enormity and beauty of the world

And cosmos fascinate us more than

The basic need to understand each other.

I'm going to Keep going, I'm determined not to be another broken down ghost wondering the blackness of my hostile mind, life's only fleeting only one life time to "live" I've spent enough time existing so I'm gonna reach out I'm gonna begin by loving myself instead of hosting a pity party where I always dance alone.

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