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The Mariner's Heart

Kenneth, loves satire and writings to spotlight others, but he also has an "addiction" so to speak, to dramatic and abstract/prose poetry.


Trouble hast not breathed a slumber'd sleep

Without one careful gaze toward the east.

Wondering where his heart found to creep

The wanderlust of the sea--the alluring beast.

Winds dare carry my tears from dawn to dusk

When the mariner's heart with cargo lust

Silks, spices, scents of avalon and valued musk.

Even his main sail's scent of forgotten rust.

I learned quite quickly upon our wedding day

The songs, the laughter, wine and tears

Somehow lured him quietly with foam in moonlight's way.

I knew I'd share him, with "her" for years on years.

Our love was epic, hearts swept in passion's time

A kiss, a vow, a wink, and then I'd see his back.

Not one truth or valued reason, not a drunkard's rhyme

For loneliness I lacked not nor suffering on sabbath's fact.

The mariner's heart, a bold rogue he is in memory fair

Singing "her" songs of other's belongs and lands I didn't see.

He's dance from his boat while smiling at "her" flowing hair.

A distant and time measured few to be in love with me.

Oh yon eagles soar when I weep at sea's angry edge

Laughing at me, taunting me as if I were lifeless dirt.

Oh yon ravens land at whipping waves and bushes hedge.

I'll dry my tears and pray for him and sew down my skirt.

I'll stand here gazing at this same ledge as "she" dances away

And sigh when schooner's sail and "he" cannot be seen.

My heart beats sadly in memories of love of night and day

Patience preserve "him," mariner's heart--until more I dream.


© 2018 Kenneth Avery

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