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The Mansion on the Hill : Written in Rhyming Fashion


My name is Timmy and I live on a cluttered street just below the big house on the hill

Me and my buddie's like to watch the people come and go from a spot in front of their paper mill

Everyone works there, it is the only work in town

My Daddy works there and sometimes he comes home so tired and wearing a worried frown

The people who come and go from the big house have chauffeurs and long limousines

We wonder what they're talking about when we see them under the big evergreens

We never see them smile

You'd think with all that money they'd be happy and smile once in a while

I reckon having all that money keeps them busy as a bee

No time to have fun and feel carefree like me

Im always happy when I see Mama walking down the hill

She's worked hard all day cleaning and cooking their special meal

I told Mama and Daddy I didn't want to work at their paper mill

I want to go to the city and drive a long limousine

Daddy said that it was his and Mama's hope, but in the end it was just a pipe dream

I reckon I'll wait and see if my dream comes true

In the meantime I'll keep on watching the rich people and the big cars and hoping my dream doesn't do like Daddy said, " Pipe dreams always fall through. "