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The Manly Man

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"To all the bitches, hoes, chicks, and sluts," and

"To all the ones who have 'nice legs, tits, and asses', "

Says the boy who says he is a man,

says the boy who sees women as no one,

a walking vagina,

a sex material,

an object, a doll,

the boy who thinks oppressing women would make him more of a man.

Well, here's to the boy who knows too little,

Women are more than just pretty faces, nice tits, and fat asses,

their value does not depend on a tiny sheath of a hymen, no.

Women are humans just like men,

with softer hearts,

and sometimes have braver spirits and fiercer minds than you could ever imagine.

They might not have the huge muscle mass,

or the brawny biceps that could carry weights,

and the strong knuckles that could crash a watermelon,

but hey,

everyone has a purpose.

while a man do the heavy stuff,

a woman takes care of the details.

while a man worked 12 hours to support his family,

a woman stayed up 18 hours to keep her family.

A woman is not merely a life giver.

She is a nurturer,

a homemaker,

a lover,

a fighter,

a dreamer.

Yes, they could be emotional and may hurt easily,

or could be irrational at some moments,

but it's the time when they need the nurturing.

just like any other men and women.

But these shouldn't all be attributed to 'women',

these are traits of 'all humans'.

it is stereotypical to look at women as dependent,

or ones who can not live without men beside them.

They don't always ask for material things,

and No, they don't ask for the moon.

They only seek love for it is but human nature.

They don't wear dresses

or put on make-ups to deceive men,

They do it for themselves and not for anyone else.

They comprehend pretty much things, the way any man understands them.

They are not always passive who give in that easily.

They are not always submissive, they are only trusting.

They are not illogical for throwing 'nonsense' arguments,

men just need to read between the lines.

Women are not less intelligent than men because intelligence is not based on gender.

And so I speak again

to the boy who knows too little,

Treat women with the same value as men.

Do not objectify them, they are humans too.

Do not call them names nor any catcalls to put them in shame.

Call them bitches?



What should we call you in return then?

The manly man?

© 2018 Roshena

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