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The Man With The Brown Paper Bag


This poem was inspired by an article I once wrote about alcoholism, and peoples perception of an alcoholic.

The Man With The Brown Paper Bag

If you ask for a visual description

you might just be taken aback

At how many still see alcohol addiction

as the man with the brown paper bag.

You see him sitting in the park

his coat tied closed with rope.

What do you think has left its mark?

to make him give up hope.

You only see the end result

of the long road he has travelled

Who found it got more difficult

as he saw his life unravelled

If only he had found the strength

before addiction took control

And not kept the world at arm’s length

for fear of vitriol.

We all encounter trauma

and find different ways to cope

Then worry about the stigma

as we go down that slippery slope

If anyone when reading this

are seeing that red flag

Get help to step back from that abyss

don’t be the man with the brown paper bag

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