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The Magic of Words: An Ode to Karina. Saturday's Inspiration 28

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Ode to Karina

She stood poised, emitting peerless verses from her lips

Like melodies, taken from the rhythmical cadences of beauty.

Bars – not chocolates – but musical scores and scrolls

Flowed through her, her shine reaching for the moonlight.

Yet the wind was her fragrant breath, cascading red roses --

A redolence of eloquent words -- tracing fire in the veins of

Poetry lovers, exploding a thousand rhapsodies in their being.

Sweet Karina, goddess Saraswati has laced your tongue with wine,

Igniting an inebriated sweetness in my longing. I looked at the

Attentive gaze of poets around you, a vortex of Love, streaming

Through their psyche, imbibing the magical allure of your

Enchanting verses, now dancing in their core. My Heart

Glints like magnets, King David blends in the rapture of your lyrical psalms,

Only to wash my soul with tears; paying homage to thy Light Divine.

Words … they are like sweet songs holding court within thy lips,

Stirring inside me, an Instagram of my feelings;

Whispering silent promises to the moon.

A measureless torrent of intimacy, they weave

Out of my breath and synergy, waltzing on the crest of

Longing In the agony of my cries.


Last week I performed at Poetical Word, the Emcee

Was so moved by my recital, that he immediately

Engaged the audience in three claps for me,

Which ended with a solace: ‘we … are healed!” Words … I wept

Copiously on reading once, of a woman on the verge of suicide.

She heard the enchanting, life-giving parchment of an Empress,

And changed … her mind.

We may not know the impact of the wordsmith, on one’s

State of mind. Each Bard sings a melody taken from a manuscript in Paradise. Sea water caresses the pearl on the marine bed;

The ocean serenades its opulence. Magnolias rise and waltz

With the dawn, whispering the allure of canaries.

The lily said to the sunflower: “Peace be with you, my radiant sister.”

Orion kisses our gaze at twilight and says: “Good night, my kindred Spirits,

We’ll meet again tomorrow.” An agony of echoes whispered from my core:

“Make me a servant, O Love,” and the rose tore its golden garments,

Offering its scent as a sacrifice to this cause.

Each sweet word spoken, each act of magic released,

Engages the Spirit of the one for whom it was intended.

And Karina, the Poetess, weaves a tapestry in the ambience so

Beautiful, that my tears become a raiment for the Beloved.

Her impeccable words embrace the sunset, sending kisses

To the breeze; touching my breath like a symphony from Mozart.

Lantern says: When I was lost in my darkness, it was the

Resonance of your skilled wizardry that set me free.

Now your tongue becomes a scripted calligraphy --

Scribbling love-songs on my Heart, whose charm echoes,

The effulgent excellence of the soul.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 3rd December, 2019

Beauty and words

© 2020 manatita44

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