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The Magic of Being-Helping Children To Be Happy With Who They Are

Being a teacher and a mother, I know the importance of feeling joy and love in a child's life. Enjoy the miracle of life with your child!


Dedicated to All the Children of the World

Dedicated to All the Children of the World

This article is dedicated to all the children of the world. I would like these poems and images to celebrate the precious gift of life that they have been given to discover and learn new things every day about the wonders of our natural world and to help awaken the sense of magic in themselves to realize their dreams.

Every child is unique and very special and I sincerely hope that this article will impress upon us as parents, teachers, and all who come into contact with our children that we can impact their lives in a most significant way.

By providing a supportive environment which encourages feelings of self-worth, we can help our children gain the confidence they need to fulfill their unique potential, give their lives meaning and purpose, and by so doing effect the lives of others in a positive way too. If we give our children the emotional support they need to believe in themselves, they would lead happier, more productive lives, and our world would become a more loving place for all.

The Magic of Being (a poem about the miracle of life)

Feel the magic of the moment

up a hill as you race...

the wind blowing against your face

stand on your toes,

reach so high

with your fingertips

touch the sky.

As you lie on the grass,

the shapes in the clouds as you gaze

can simply amaze;

now you see a dragon

riding in a wagon,

or a seal juggling a ball

turning suddenly into a giant... so tall.

On a crisp autumn day

feel the sun as it gently warms

your hands, face, and feet;

above do you see

the golds, reds, and yellows in the trees?

Feel how soft is a puppy's fur,

listen to a cat's melodious purr...

look deep and you'll see the love in your dog's eyes,

up to see a hawk gliding effortlessly across the sky...

Imagine dancing on a flower,

looking down from the Eiffel Tower

traveling to a star...

from deep in the ocean to the farthest corner of space

the universe is such an extraordinary place!

Walk in a forest,

and marvel at the greatness of a tree;

look up into its canopy

at the light rays streaming

through its leaves.

Listen to a bird as it sings

and help one if it has a broken wing...

be in touch with your heart

for it can lead us to do noble things.

Live by the creed

to help those in need...

as it can indeed transform;

it is like a sort of magic

that no one else can perform

what only you can do;

Your life is important you see-

as your choices effect both you and me,

and all living beings

that unite us in common destiny.

Look up at the night sky,

how bright are the stars

and yet how far,

then make a wish

for it might come true...

but only if you do!

Contemplate the beauty of a sunset-

a musical tune that you can play,

listen to what a poem has to say...

admire the symmetry of a rose,

or the intricate pattern of a snowflake

as it tingles on the tip of your nose.

Never take a minute for granted

for all the wonderful things you can do...

the beauty that is all around,

the splendor that is waiting to be discovered by you!

-Lora Hollings

My Beautiful Daughter With Our Rescued Puppy

This is Mandy a little puppy that my family adopted from a shelter for Christmas. As my daughter would say, "She was my best friend for 14 yrs. until she died of old age. She taught me all about the magic of loving a pet!"

This is Mandy a little puppy that my family adopted from a shelter for Christmas. As my daughter would say, "She was my best friend for 14 yrs. until she died of old age. She taught me all about the magic of loving a pet!"

About Me

Some people say I have brown hair

others say it is blond...

I love to run;

pretend that I can be anyone,

as I daydream under the shade of an apple tree

in the long lazy days of the summer sun.

My passions are music, books, and animals.

Quite a peculiar mixture,

I'm sure you'll agree

but that's just fine with me.

I have so many goals,

who knows where I'll go...

I'd prefer to be a marine biologist

or may be a musical zoologist?

I love good times, family, and friends.

I have my ups and downs...

but mostly I just try to stay cool

with my feet firmly planted on the ground,

and my dreams in stereophonic sound!

-Lora Hollings

"A Heart So Pure" Dedicated to the Life of Ernest

The following poem is dedicated to my wonderful little terrier mix that I adopted from an animal care and control facility. This is Ernest at 16 wks. He is now 5 years old, and will always be my little guardian angel and a source of inspiration for my writing.



A Heart So Pure

My dear pet

your noble face reflects

a trusting soul,

a devout heart-

to live simply to be loved,

and love in return.

There is truth

in your simplicity,

virtue in your


and wisdom in

your humility.

And there is beauty in

a heart so pure.

-Lora Hollings


© 2020 Lora Hollings

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