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The Magic Of Wishful Thinking

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It Will Get The Ball Rolling

There are so many dreams to be imagined

How do we tame those thoughts and desires?

Bring back the magic of the Wonderful World Of Disney

Picturing in our minds

Anything can and will happen

Walking on air

Sitting on a cloud

Riding with the wind

We keep trying to prove

How to make something that now does not exist

There is a great distance between what is and what is not

Keep moving

Fight for what we believe in

It's a process

We work today and tomorrow

We need and feel something we must do

There is no road map only our own plan

We start

We stop

It is no easy job

Nobody has ever done this before

Change the way we think

Continue to drive forward

Everyone around us continues living now

We have to remember we see a different life

There is no way to avoid the struggle

We keep trying to do what we can do

We do our part

Many people will never understand our internal struggle

We have to be consistent

Dedicated to one goal

Compassionate about our dreams

Always involved and dedicated to make a diofference

Constantly changing to adapt to a better way

We keep trying to find our best practices

That make new standards

We adjust whenever necessary

Leaving behind accomplishments

That will set great achievements

Never seen before

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