The Microcosm and the Molecule of Sand. Friday's Inspiration 5, to Dipali Ingle

Updated on March 27, 2020
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Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from the Master

" If you can create harmony

In your own life

This harmony will enter

Into the vast world." - Sri Chinmoy

Every day should be a new dawn, a new hope, Spring, Easter ... Diwali -- The Spirit of God's Light


O Light, my Awakening Light. A Free-style Sonnet

She flowed copiously from a soul,

Spilling its dreams on the mirror of life.

Steering me like an ancient Mariner, we rode

Through boisterous waters and the serenity of the blue.

Yet my Captain remained undaunted, like a weaver,

Weaving Her way through life’s tumultuous waves.

Sitting upon the brows of light and shadow, She molded

Me into Her tapestry unique; riding upon tomorrows.

Light! My Light! Your resplendence draws me nearer, until

I breathe within Your Breath, my gaze Your dazzling beam.

Bathing in the splendour of Thy infinitude, my Heart sings of

Nature’s glory, expressing Your dreams in the heart of life.

Come, my fellow pilgrims, come! I once chased after a chimera

Of shadows; but now I dance in rhythm, to Love’s symphony of the soul.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 26th March, 2020


Our Interconnectedness

The microcosm, is part and parcel of the macrocosm; a molecule of sand, is of no lesser value than the entire beach. If a stain be found in a particular spot, the entire beach is tainted, just as removing the lavender from a garden of flowers, would affect its fragrance.

We go to the symphony orchestra for solace, serenity, leisure … a good night out, knowing that if the maestro or the violin is missing, that the entire performance will be affected.

Life is a connected whole … a harmony of oneness. A marathon runner in Kenya ran under two hours and the whole world was affected. It was a victory for God, for mankind; for the nobility of the human spirit … of creation. In the same way, we see acts of self-transcendence happening all the time, benefiting from our international homes, if only from the contagious divine energy that it contains.

Each man’s death diminishes me, as he is a part of the whole, a microcosm within a much larger macrocosm; the stained molecule of sand on an entire beach. This is what the Apostle John had to say:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

Colossians 1:16, goes on to tell us that all things were created by Him, both in heaven and earth, visible and invisible, whether its Kings and Queens, any authorities … any dominions, all are created through Him and for Him and in Him all hold together.”


The micro and macrocosm

John Dunne has told us this in his beautiful poem, but before I give you a sample, I would mention that it is so inspiring to see and hear of so many acts of kindness in this current climate, revealing the nobility and sacred potential, of the human spirit. Here is the quote:

“Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.” ― John Donne, Meditatation XV11

Now if the microcosm and the macrocosm are one, this means that we are all one, interconnected, dependent on one another. We see how successful conglomerations work as a team and we see even more so now, how much can be achieved just by working as a team across borders, countries and continents, in the cause of harmony and oneness.

Now when the world’s wealth is held by 1% of souls, whose Hearts appears to be asleep, this can only lead to suffering. Suffering leads to poverty and disease and we ultimately lose our oneness. Outer Opulence can do the same thing in a very destructive manner, as we sooner or later find outlets for our wealth, weather it’s in producing deadly addictions, weaponry, slavery and trafficking … other things you can think about yourself.

Whatever is happening, occurs because of a lack of harmony and oneness; because we have forgotten the simplicity and innocence of the child, the Heart of oneness … of identification. We have forgotten charity, the sense of ‘we’ and ‘ours’ and not ‘me’ and ‘mines.’



The nature of the mind – that which analyses, chops things up, separates into boxes -- is so dominant, that we run towards the world, forgetting that we are mystical beings … that we belong to Spirit and need to feed the soul, even more than we feed the physical, social, emotional and mental needs. Why do we forget the psyche?

God Himself has given us ‘limited freedom’, but this has led us to believe that we have free choice … that we can do whatever we wish and the result is suffering. The sad thing, is that history has shown this time and time again and we should have learnt our lessons. Yet we kill the Saviours who, out of Love Divine, come to serve us; then build institutions to worship them, when they are gone. What divine comedy!

So, let us remember that we are all one in Spirit, brothers and sisters of a much larger, infinite whole who is not only in charge, but knows what is good for us. We are the microcosm of a much larger Divine Entity; the molecule of sand in a game of sand, striving to manifest its destiny.

Here it relies on the sea, mother nature, the footprints that tread upon it and the Omnipresent One who carries us, when we suffer from our own inner corona demons. Peace.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 27th March, 2020

Note: At this time, fears and insecurities are normal. We are of God, yes, but still a diamond in the making ... unfinished and as such we will be lonely, afraid, isolated and anxious. I'm still seeing negative words and mind-orientated outbursts from time to time.

But we are candles of a Higher Light and so let us support and serve each other, in our own different ways, at this very unprecedented time in human history. A silent kiss from me, to your loving Spirit.Praise be!

The Absolute and the Creation are One

What are your thoughts? Could we be more loving to each other?

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© 2020 manatita44


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  • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 months ago from london

    Amen! Alleuyia! Thanks Bro.

  • Ericdierker profile image

    Eric Dierker 

    4 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

    I was just thinking how connected to you I am. Sometimes here we just say "word" instead of amen.

  • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 months ago from london

    Thank you, Ji. Much appreciated.

  • rajan jolly profile image

    Rajan Singh Jolly 

    4 months ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA.

    Very true. Each one of us is interconnected with the others and with the Infinite ultimately, like atoms being part of molecules, ultimately all the water. The Word brought forth all there is to see around us. Stay safe, my friend!

  • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 months ago from london

    Thanks Devika.


  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 

    4 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    We are connected in some ways and feel the need to help out others if possible. Most certainly one can be helpful in many ways not only in this pandemic. Keep safe and take care

  • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 months ago from london

    Great to see you, Marlene.

    I feel your spirit and I believe you read my work. It takes time, but it's not the kind of work to speed read.

    Thank you so much. You seem to be flowering like a very beautiful rose. Praise God!

  • MarleneB profile image

    Marlene Bertrand 

    4 months ago from USA

    You always present the truth in such a comforting way, lighting the world so that we may see it unencumbered.

    I do believe we are all connected. And there are some to whom I feel especially connected, like a spiritual connection. We are drawn together like magnets and know not why.

    Much love to you, my dear friend.

  • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 months ago from london

    Too true. All scriptures speak of what we call selfless service. In Christianity, we are more familiar with the word charity. One's unconditional out pouring of the Heart's Light to others, without expecting anything in return.

    This actually helps the giver, as well as the receiver. It expands our Hearts and make us more receptive to Grace. It is not for nothing that spiritual teachers asks us to serve. Thanks Peggy.

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 

    4 months ago from Houston, Texas

    We are all interconnected and should not only help one another in times of crisis but always. May peace and love reign supreme!

  • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 months ago from london

    Thank you, Ruby.

    Very happy about that. Appreciated

  • always exploring profile image

    Ruby Jean Richert 

    4 months ago from Southern Illinois

    I feel a connection to so many people, more so than ever before. Your beautiful poetry brings us a closeness to be cherished. Stay save, stay inside.

  • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 months ago from london

    Thank You, Lorna.

    Indeed your comment is soothing to me too. Stay blessed!

  • Lorna Lamon profile image

    Lorna Lamon 

    4 months ago

    A beautiful sonnet Manatita, soothing the mind, touching the soul. I also enjoyed the reflective pieces and the belief that we are all one in spirit is very comforting to me.

  • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 months ago from london

    So sweet, Raymond, so sweet!!

    I do have friends in Amsterdam who are students of Sri Chinmoy, my Teacher. If you wanted a chat, you can reach out to any one of them. No pressure here. Do your own thing, but we are an international body and I do have our Directory. So if you need a phone number or two, just shout.

    Very good to know you and yes, please post another of your poems.

  • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 months ago from london

    Thank you, my Dear Rinita,

    A most beautiful comment!!


    I'm generally striving to be humble to such statements, but in this case, you are actually right. I am telling you because you are from India and would understand.

    I am a Disciple of Sri Chinmoy, a God-man from East Bengal and has been for 38 years. The Satguru -- as you know -- is one with God and an Advocate of the Supreme. Since I am a Disciple of God's Messenger or Advocate, in that sense I am.

    Still, Sri Chinmoy teaches that he is a student of Peace, a God-lover ... a beginner-seeker. I like to feel that way myself. Hari Om!!

  • raymondphilippe profile image

    Raymond Philippe 

    4 months ago from The Netherlands

    as a diamond in the making I do my upmost best to be kinder and more loving to others in thoughts and actions. These few weeks I feel conversations with others often become more meaningful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the beautiful quotes. Stay safe.

  • Senoritaa profile image

    Rinita Sen 

    4 months ago

    Infinitely soothing and sensible, as all your hubs are. Thank you for this one too.

  • Angels world profile image

    Manju lata 

    4 months ago from Ambala City

    It seems you are the messenger of God.


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