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The Luxury of Giving Up



Giving my all and getting nothing in return who cries for me?

Problems come in all directions seeking to be directed by a point of my index finger or a word spoken from lips yet I have no solution.

I've given my all. Work has my blood. Family my sweat and woman my tears I'm out of things to give.

My best I put in all and expect nothing in return and have gotten nothing in return.

They say you get what you give but I don't believe that. What I give is always far more than what I get so don't give me that! There has to be more to life than trying.

No longer accepting nothing you have to bring me something. If I'm supplying the wood you bring the fire. Be the flame that burns inside me increasing my stamina not the stress that overwhelms me draining my power.

I'm expected to be strong and I am but who will hold me, even Samson got weak.

Pouring out my gift to those undeserving I'm learning to be discerning.

It's time to grow and live beyond visions imagined sometimes that means standing strong and deciding to no longer be taken for granted.

No sense of putting off what can be had now because no one will cry for me and I'm exhausted from the tears I've shed over dead circumstances.

There's no crash cart to revive what isn't to be only acceptance and growth for my own destiny.

To stop right now would be a luxury. I have to keep going and quitting has never been my resolution.

Pain I feel but hopeful I remain because this life is more than trying.

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