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The Lump

Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.


“A Real Pain in the Neck.”
Is the way he described it,
In his nonchalant way.

“Just a lump of flesh
Growing day by day.”

His vision was blurred;
His hearing dulled.
The growth never stopped.

He waged his battle
But there was little he could do.

The tumor found a spot to grow
Where doctors couldn’t go.

The end was near;
The morphine increased.
Walking, talking, seeing, and hearing
Were nearly complete.

But living in the minuscule time he had
He kept his spirits
He kept his plans.

He did what he could
With limitations he had
He did what he could
As life slipped like sand.

That pain in the neck
That lump of flesh
Finally took him away

But in his final hours
He never acknowledge that pain

“Nothing more than a distraction.”
He would’ve said.

“It’s the thing that killed me.”
He would’ve never said.

Part of a series

This poem is one of many poems and short stories written about my friend who passed away nearly 10 years ago. Although he had put up a good fight for nearly 11years after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, he finally succumb to it when it spread from his abdomen to his neck. The tumor was inoperable, and upon his diagnosis, he was given only months to live.

Those were hard times for his friends and family. Essentially everything was about saying our final good-byes and being able to accommodate him before that day in the May of 2005 came.

I will not go into details about his conditions during that time. The poem minutely touches on his physical condition.His spirit during this time was contagious. He tried to live a normal life despite the increasing limitations inflicted on him.

This is not the last poem, nor is it the last.

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© 2014 Dean Traylor

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