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Me and You, You and I

I don't always want a person to help me out, but sometimes it's all I need.

Puzzle pieces and people's connections.


Even the reflections in people's eyes can't tell us who we are.

You wrapped me with several layers of cellophane, ribbons and tags, like a fancy bouquet ready to be given as a proposal. Even when all I really am is a wilting flower, growing at the side of the road.

You bought telescopes and astronomy books, because you wanted to see my constellations and the galaxy which I'm connected to, when all I am is a dark, cloudy, sky with pouring rains and constant storms.

You started writing, because you wanted to jot down every bit of inspiration I gave, telling me I'm an endless novel with no real genre, just waiting to be discovered by some bestselling author. Even when all I am is a crumpled up paper that resides beside the trashcan from a failed throw.

You looked at me like I was one of the most praised form of arts, like I was Mona Lisa and you were Leonardo da Vinci. I'd look away from you in guilt, knowing that all I am not the painting, but the single brush stroke that ruins the entire thing.

You told me you loved me because I was like the ocean, calming, reassuring, and though your knowledge was limited and you flinched upon touching the waters, you wouldn't hesitate drowning in me. I cried that night, because I'm nowhere near the ocean, and my shallow pool of tears can't compete.

And it's the little everyday things. The trips with you, the small talks, even the way you turn to look at me, these things make me want to stay with you forever and ever. And even though I may be a wilting flower, or a discarded book idea, these ultimately bring me to who I'm aiming to be. You need a lot of single flowers to complete a bouquet, a bunch of crumpled-up papers before you can write away a new novel, and even the sky clears after every storm.

So even though I am all these things, promise you'll stay with me, no matter what life brings.

© 2020 cheesethatisblue