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The Love We Shared Back There

Most of my poems are from what can best be described as my "Blue Period", aka "The Dark Year of the Restless Soul".


I'd listen to the poets

Makin' money writing about love

Now I've come to understand

What it is they're speaking of

You really did it to me, girl

Took a big chunk of my heart

Wrapped it around your finger

Couldn't stand to be apart

You know you sent me clear back

To my good old teenage days

A wild and free young couple

Makin' sweet love in the rain

To wake up in the morning

And find you'd still be there

Your warm and tender body

Your soft brown flowing hair

The way you made me feel, back then

Lucky beyond compare

I hope you'll always treasure

The loved we shared back there.

© 2018 Hal Gall