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The Love That is Worthy of Being. Monday's Inspiration 71

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Your Sweet Kiss is Everything. A free-style Sonnet

Some say I should not Love You; that since

For eons You have evaded my lips, then what

Good is there in pining for the unreachable?

Yet each virgin dawn awakes, upon the lap

Of Your candescent grandeur. You bring me

Blossoming roses; the symphony of song-birds, echoing

The magical chords of Your Heart, to calm my Spirit’s fire.

Looking at Your twinkling stars, the illustrious moonlight;

The perennial galaxies, are not enough. I gaze at Your

Silhouette, Your golden cheeks; the quintessence of Thy smile.

I feel the redolence of Your breath; the rapture

With which You blend into and envelop my soul.

It is only then I realize, that by obtaining the

Tenderness of Thy kiss, I obtain ALL that is worthy … of Being.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 25th June, 2020

African Woman


The Ebony Of Her Nakedness

She entered by twilight, wrapped

Only in the ebony of her nakedness.

I gazed at the beauty of her melanin skin,

Glistening with the shades of ancient Egypt.

Her regal Nubian curves, danced in a stream

Of moonlight, peering through the venetian

Drapes. Hips swaying with an elegance and majesty,

She strode with the poise and dignity of a Queen.

I stood as one transfixed, my breath swinging to the

Rhythm of her delicate flow; voice ascending with soulful

Eloquence. Echoing the sublimity of ancient princesses,

Her words soared ‘cross the lands of sonorous Africa.

Here in the sacredness of her mellifluous charm,

I watch her chest heave, as her raven attributes

Stand proud, adorned in perfect symmetry. My soul

Drips tears of reverence, ascending towards Paradise.

Sweet Shyama, You have disguised Thyself, in

Lustrous shapes and forms. Unabashed by the

Dark chocolate of Your undressing, You dine with

Love, at the gateways of the unspoken.

I now close my eyes, see Your alchemy in a rose So

Immaculate, stunning my being with her enchantment.

-Lantern Carrier.27 th June, 2020

Aesthetic and ethereal beauty

© 2020 manatita44

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