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The Old Love Song - A Poem

Juliet is a content writer who has a passion for writing poetry, she loves expressing her deepest thoughts through writing.


"The Old Love Song"

As she watches the stunning glorious sunset,

That shimmering golden light of the sun,

Touches gently on her wrinkled pale skin.

Then, this beautiful song starts playing.

As she starts listening to an old familiar song,

The memory of a love story flashes on her mind,

How could she ever forget that old love song?

It's an old love song they used to dance together.

She gently leans herself on the rocking chair,

Then she closes her eyes reminiscing the song.

Every line of that old love song makes her smile,

Remembering those old days that filled with love.

So many years have passed already,

But her heart just never stops loving him.

Somehow, his sweet memory lives on,

Through that never-ending old love song.

"Put Your Head on My Shoulder" by Paul Anka

© 2019 Juliet Acedera

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