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The Love of My Life Is Back!

Hertha enjoys writing about real life experiences. Her imagination and improving analytical skills allows her write about anything.


My life was going great,

I was beginning to love and trust again,

I was beginning to open up,

I was excited and full of joy.

Then on this warm winter night the love of my life and I spoke,

We spoke of so much,

I do not even remeber what was going,

However, I loved it.

He seemed in pain,

He seemed sad,

I was ready to comfort him,

I am ready to be there for him.

He told me he wanted there to be an "us",

A beautiful us, just as I had imagined.

He spoke about holding my lips against his,

He spoke about wanting to dance away the night with me.

I was as confused as a villager going to the city for the first time,

My head was in pain,

My heart was pounding fast,

I was all heated up.

Its weird because I still think about him everyday,

What we could have been,

He was all I ever wanted,

My perfect man.

But now I am in love with someone else,

Or atleast I thought I was,

The Love Of My Life Is back,

And I dont know if its a good thing. Am I stupid?

© 2020 Hertha David

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