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The Love Groupie Strikes with a Vengeance

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

The story of a woman who believed in love

Holding hands and snuggling with her main man

Affectionate sometimes to a fault

Afraid that happiness would one day go out

Like the oven pilot light on an especially cold morning

Lighting it back up with anything flammable

Terrified of being blown apart by these reckless efforts

Leaving the house with either Einstein or Don King hair

A touch of ego and mad scientist trapped in a hairstyle

Saying everything without uttering a word

Felt transformed from an independent woman

Into a Beatles type super fan who passed out

Whenever they entered the room

Always on pins and needles until I see my favorite one again

Wondered when this sense of anticipation will maintain

Or subside when reality and routine set in

Enjoyed and feared these torrent of sentiments at same time

A conflict that has softened some as time went on

But hid her excitement to maintain a level of calm

That wasn't always there in retrospect

Tried hard to be the female equivalent of James Dean

A rebel with a cause and great 1950s style

Minus the ridiculous poodle skirts and Bobbysoxer vibe

Even drove a modified Porsche Spyder just like him

More cautious on the road now; maniacs on every corner

Able to laugh at the stand-up comic du jour's routine

But always shrouded in a cloud of smothering doubt

Uncertain at times that the intuition barometer worked

Searching for a happy medium between devoted girlfriend

And separately confident individual with stories to tell

Sometimes felt like the least interesting person in the room

A lot more introspective than before; less focused on what's tangible

Ready to find solid footing in life and in love

Know that this relationship is the real deal

Don't want to mess it up being a maniacal enthusiast

Working on dialing it down a few notches

While not sacrificing on what made it great

Time will tell to see what formula worked best.

A vision of cool.

A vision of cool.

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