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The Losses!


Let's count the losses for a while!.
The money, the places, the things?... nay!
They are not the losses at all.
The real loss is the essence, the ecstasy
and the charm of something only you cherish.
What if you can't feel the essence of something?
What if you lose the charm in winning?
What if you can't lose the memory but the ecstasy of it?
What if you lose the feelings but can't lose the emotions in it?
Yes! it kills more, sounds & feels even deadlier
Than the real loss itself.

What if you still after losing can't feel the pain?
What if the loss of losses still makes you smile instead of crying?
Such losses are the real losses you can't explain,

share or can't even hide in life.
The losses you still count so dearly,

but can't buy the ecstasy out of them,
that’s the real essence of losing that turns them,
Into charm and the losses so worthwhile in life!

© 2018 Tajwer Shakir


Tajwer Shakir (author) on September 19, 2018:

Thankyou Kenneth! Your appreciation really boosts me in writing such hubs in the future. I shall be writing more. Thañks again.

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on September 19, 2018:

Amazing and yet, so simplistic. Loved this hub and its meanings. Thank you and please publish more on your way.

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