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The Shroud of Turin


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Cover Thy Shroud

And there it lies,

Wrapped in plastic, once wrapped on a body,

Is it the belief, or is this what we call is ‘truth’?

To the era, where even the son of god,

Wasn’t spared.

And there it lies,

So silent, it once covered a forever silent man,

Is it true, was he really silenced?

Or is with the silence,’

That he wakes up again.

And there it lies,

Decorated, for thousands to rejoice,

Is it possible, that it held the son of almighty?

And shouts to the joyous,

‘the end is nigh’.

And there it lies,

All profound, holding on to its mysteries,

Is it true, did it equal its pair?

And yet, skeptics remain dubious,

Believers, still hopeful.

And there it lies,

White and linen, like Jesus, was,

Is it true, will he appear again?

From a believer, “come in silence O’ Lord,

For the world faces terrors, worse than your agonizing torment,

Not even a shroud to cover,

Or a pit to rest.

Come in silence O’ Lord,

Utter not the words, that you last said,

‘Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing’”

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