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The Lord's Phoenix


My skin turned pale white and immorality overcame me.

I slithered around like a snake and my soul caught fire.

I was burning in a slow but steady fashion and singed pieces of me blew away with the wind that I walked against.

My ashes began to scatter throughout the streets that I grew up on and the people that I considered my friends sat idle and watched me burn.

They gathered around me and took comfort in the essence of flames that were turning me to dust.

I grew smaller and smaller until I was down to the bone and eventually I was nothing more than what's left in a pit the morning after a camp fire.

I was certain that I had nothing left to give and I believed that I was better off dead.

I then heard a voice like thunder that told me to rise.

I was reborn from the ashes like a beautiful Phoenix.

I emerged in tears, thanking the Lord for everything that I am and repenting for everything that I was.

He then told me to stand up and to never forget what he had done for me.

I put a golden crucifix around my neck, I wiped the dust off or my shoulders, and I walked down the road that the Lord had paved for me in forgiveness.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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