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Memories of Yesterday - A Poem

Juliet is a content writer who has a passion for writing poetry, she loves expressing her deepest thoughts through writing.


Memories of Yesterday

Rain pouring gently outside my window,

Children were happily playing around.

A beautiful moment that caught my heart,

Remembering the memories of yesterday.

I was once that silly innocent little kid

Chasing those dragonflies in the field.

Having fun playing with other children,

So joyful and happy, and full of life.

Reminiscing my blissful childhood days

Enjoying joyful moments with other kids.

Each moment full of laughter and giggles,

Playing all day, without a care in the world.

Oh, how I missed those moments in my life,

Where everything so ordinary and yet exciting,

Oh, how I'd love to feel those moments again,

Like that careless kid again, so joyful and free.


© 2019 Juliet Acedera

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