The Longest RHYMES

Updated on November 12, 2017

The Longest Yard


PAUL CREW got drunk at a party.
Then decided to go joyriding.
In his girlfriend's Bently.
The police ended up stopping.
He was arrested and hauled off to jail.
He was later denied bail.
It was then revealed.
He is in jail because he failed.
Failed to win a football game.
Actually paid to throw the game.
That rule was never proven.
In jail that rumor was still roaming.
While Crew gets behind those walls.
Warden RUDOLPH calls.
Calls him before meeting anyone.
Hoping he'd boost the reputation,
It will look good while he's on his way.
To becoming state governor one day.
Using threats to coerce Crewe.
Wanted to put Crewe's skills to use.
Wanting Crewe to play with the guards.
Led by a hostile prison guard.
CAPTAIN KNAUER is the leader.
Crewe says they need a game tune-up.
To boost the guard's confidence.
Then crewe goes around the prison.
CARETAKER helps him find the team.
NATE SCARBOUGH's chosen to coach them.
They then look for the inmates.
Than guarantee to get them into shape.
Caretaker insists on finding more brothers.
They go to the court and find the brothers.
Crewe sees one they call DEACON.
He then chooses to challenge.
Challenges him to a basketball game.
If he loses the brothers play their game.
Deacon elbows & punches & he grabs.
Crewe just looked at it and laughed.
Crewe wants pride and respect.
Deacon doesn't want to give the respect.
While shooting the game-winning shot.
He gets robbed and Crewe makes the shot.
Deacon calls foul without being touched.
At this point, Crewe did not care much.
So he lets Deacon go ahead and win.
But catches one brothers attention.
EARL MEGGET gives Crewe the respect.
Megget joins because he's impressed.
Impressed with how Crewe came out.
Meanwhile, the guards sniff it out.
They confront Earl in the Library.
Hoping he will get angry.
By calling him racial slurs.
But Megget does not fall for their words.
He stays soft and kind.
Megget shows that he's wise.
Later on at practice.
Deacon brings more to practice.
The Warden hears about it.
So he tries to crush their spirits.
He floods out where they practice.
Hoping they will not practice.
But the team does so anyway.
While the guards use an inmate.
To spy on the team.
Then he plans on killing.
Killing Caretaker in his cell.
He wires explosives in his cell.
Soon as Caretaker walks in.
The cell ends up exploding.
On the day of the game.
Caretaker's death changed.
Changed the team, they wanted to win.
He even left the team gear to play in.
They became the MEAN MACHINE.
They were really focused on beating.
The Warden calls crew halftime.
Despite the score being tied.
He informs Crewe that he has to lose.
Crewe goes out halftime and attempts to lose.
He then has a change of heart.
They guards lose and Crewe does his part.

Adam Sandler
Paul Crewe
Chris Rock
James Cromwell
Earl Megget
Micheal Irvin
William Fitchner
Captain Brian Knauer

Peter Segal


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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